Activity for Project of sustainable rural development
for an Italian contribution to the struggle against the food emergency

IFFSS, wanting to respond positively to the appeal of the cooperation turned by the various representatives of Governments on the occasion of the High-Level Conferences on World Food Security of FAO, has planned to launch, in association with other institutions and universities with proven experience in Africa and Asia, the strategic plan, RURAL VILLAGE FOR AFRICA, for the sustainable development of bioethics foods, adaptable also for the development of the rural villages of some areas of Philippines and China.
The objective is the realization of productive models of food safety agro-livestock and bio-energetic chains, according to the most innovative systems.
For this plan, IFFSS uses of international alliances and enjoys of references and of the pleasure of the local Governments having also taken accords with these last ones for the start of a phase of study, in view of the rapid realization of the first pilot projects, aimed at the restructuring of rural villages, on the basis of their main demands emerged during the last FAO Conference:

  1. to contribute with new strategic solutions to safeguard the forests rainforest of the equator, that plays a remarkable role to oppose the climatic changes;
  2. to increase the food production in the developing Countries, organizing diversified crops;
  3. to create a culture of micro-enterprise, giving life to the smart cities (China) so as to encourage the occupation and to so also counteract the emigration of the young people, whose escape delays more still the development of theirs Countries of origin.

The objective that the IFFSS is already achieving in China is to promote the countryside’s and to furnish technical support to guarantee to the consumer the food safety through innovative sour-alimentary chains.
For this role, the IFFSS has been called, inter alia, to sign an accord with the China Meat Association - the most important world association that gathers manufacturing of animals, factories of foods and industries of the butchery and the workmanship of the meat. The signature has taken place on the occasion of the World Meat Congress, that is developed in Beijing last June.
For the future activities in Asia, the Foundation IFFSS will promote a model of Hub Technology , that will serve to the development of the rural territories, both to guarantee the food safety and that healthy of the foods.
The Foundation also lends technical support to realize a model of sustainable agriculture, in the framework of the agreement signed by the company GSE with the Town hall of Zhenjiang (Province of Jangsu) for a sustainable model of rural development, in the framework of the government projects of Smart Cities.
Still in Asiain the Philippines we will work in cooperation with BCDA, the Philippine government entity, to create sustainable models of rural development in the context of government projects for food safety, the conversion of agricultural sites and the placement of small farmers.